Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thinking Win-Win

My sister and I tend to fight 24/7. Most of the time the fights are over stupid things like who takes a bath in the morning or who gets to use the computer. The other day we were fighting over the mirror in the bathroom and the thought of win-win situation popped in my head. Instead of shoving her over and taking the mirror for myself I kindly asked her to take one step to the right. That worked out perfectly we were both able to share the mirror with plenty of elbow room to do our hair and make-up!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

7 Habits

While reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens I have realized that being proactive is the best way to live. Being proactive will help me get along with others and not lash out on people. Lately, I probably haven't been the sweetest person and I apologize. The past few days I have lashed out on a particular person, which we all know and love, and I feel horrible about it. Proactive is better than being reactive. Being reactive is basically acting upon impulse, which can get you into trouble fast. I have learned to make choices based on values not on impulse. We cannot control what happens but we can control how to respond to situations. Such situations like a girl is flirting with your boyfriend. The girlfriend can choose to confront the girl who is flirting with her boyfriend and tell her off or calmly talk to her about what she is doing and how she should stop. The proactive choice is to confront the girl that is flirting with her boyfriend in a calm manner and talk to her about what she s doing. Like the example in the book, proactive people are like water, you can shake them up all you want and they will not explode. Unlike reactive people, who are like soda cans, who will lash out on people without warning. Being proactive is a very rewarding lifestyle.