Sunday, April 26, 2009

Animal Farm

Talking Animals? IMPOSSIBLE!!

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a compelling story about animals who band together and overthrow their master in a rebellion.

I did not fully understand this book's parallelism with the Russian Revolution. I understood the story of the animals taking over and I enjoyed reading that but i could never put two and two together. I could not tell what was happening during the war and with the characters.

The theme I got from the story was that power corrupts people. This story is very effective and shows what happens when people or animals in this case are naive and blinded and allow someone to gradually take over and not doing anything. I recommend this book to everybody in high school and older who can understand the motive.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Favorite Techie Tool

My Favorite Techie Tool would have to be the blogs. The blogs provide us with an excellent way to exercise our creative writing abilities. The blogs also provide us with a way of communication with friends and family by telling the stories of our day, vacations, and memories. Also, they give us an opportunity to be recognized for our creative writing abilities by someone that may give us an opportunity to be a professional writer. Writing can relieve stress, help keep our thoughts straight, and remember what we did over the years. Kind of like an online journal. For me writing relieves stress and keeps me occupied when I have absolutely nothing to do. I really enjoy using the blogs.


Why do the good die young? In the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2527 has dreams of breaking the barrier of their brainwashed civilization. He knows there is more to the world than what they are being taught. Equality describes humans at the age of forty-five being the "Ancient Ones." In our society forty-five is around middle aged. Not having the will to live will drastically shorten the life of mankind.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"A shape materialized at the edge of the meadow, just inside the shadows of the trees. I could see his body because the moonlight caught the smooth, chiseled lines of his skin.

I stopped cold. Something about this dream didn't seem right.

"You hesitate, my love?"

At the sound of Kalona's voice, a shiver passed through my body and a terrible, mocking laughter whispered through the leaves of the trees."

Zoey Redbird is not an average teenage girl. She is now a powerful fledgling and now she is being hunted by a fallen angel who is absolutely gorgeous and almost irresistible. Zoey MUST resist him. The fate of the House of Night is in her hands.

I absolutely love this series! My opinion is that this series is the new Twilight Series. With all the epic details and the vivid words are almost like a movie. I have gotten to where I don't see the words as I read this series. I see a movie. This book is the latest of the series and is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend this series! Make sure you start at the beginning or you will get very confused!

Hunted is the fifth book in the series!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break!!

Disney World!! I felt like a little girl once again as I walked through the gate to Disney World. I felt as if I was a princess late to a ball walking through the legendary castle in Magic Kingdom! (and of course Will was my gorgeous Prince Charming!) At night the fireworks were absolutely amazing!

However, as a teenager, I enjoyed Universal Studios more. There were name brand stores that contained a variety of clothing which made me extremely happy! In Disney World all the stores had nothing but Mickey Mouse inventory. I think i can do without Mickey Mouse for a little while. In Universal Studios, Will and I rode the amazing Hulk roller coaster, the exciting Dueling Dragons roller coaster, and Ripsaw Falls!

I also got to meet Wills older sister Charity! I was excited! I had heard so much about her and she sounded just like me! She gave Will and me their Express Passes! So then Will, Will's nephew Baily, and I went and rode a bunch of thrill rides!! I had a blast!