Monday, February 16, 2009

Call of the Wild Review

Life just is not fair!! Living it up in the sunny Santa Clara Valley then being forced to pull a heavy sled for thousands of miles is not fair at all but Buck made the best of this adventure. Through thick and thin Buck held his ground and took stands for what he believed in even though lives were taken. I enjoyed this adventure story immensely. Some parts in this story were a little hard to understand but other than that this book was great! I am a dog lover so this story touched me in some ways. I am against animal cruelty so when Buck was abused I wanted to show the people who abused him what that felt like to be hit with a club and to see how much they liked it. Seeing the soft side of Buck come out when John Thorton took Buck in was admirable especially after being treated cruelly by other people. This showed me that even though times are tough there is always a better outcome.

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