Sunday, March 15, 2009

Untamed Review

The House of Night series is my new Twilight Series, but not as intense. Truthfully I like the Twilight Series better but the House of Night series runs a close second. Zoey Redbird is a unique fledgling at the House of Night in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is gifted with the affinity for all five elements, Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit. She is very unique. No other fledgling, or a type of freshman, has every been that gifted. Untamed is the fourth book in the series, and like all of the others, is amazing. There is constant suspense and even romance. The perfect combination! I recommend this book to every girl who enjoyed the twilight series and even to the ones that did not like the series. Besides Twilight, this is the best series I have ever read.

338 pages.

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Christene said...

Untamed is was the best follow up to Chosen, but I found that I liked the twilight series more,too.