Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"A shape materialized at the edge of the meadow, just inside the shadows of the trees. I could see his body because the moonlight caught the smooth, chiseled lines of his skin.

I stopped cold. Something about this dream didn't seem right.

"You hesitate, my love?"

At the sound of Kalona's voice, a shiver passed through my body and a terrible, mocking laughter whispered through the leaves of the trees."

Zoey Redbird is not an average teenage girl. She is now a powerful fledgling and now she is being hunted by a fallen angel who is absolutely gorgeous and almost irresistible. Zoey MUST resist him. The fate of the House of Night is in her hands.

I absolutely love this series! My opinion is that this series is the new Twilight Series. With all the epic details and the vivid words are almost like a movie. I have gotten to where I don't see the words as I read this series. I see a movie. This book is the latest of the series and is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend this series! Make sure you start at the beginning or you will get very confused!

Hunted is the fifth book in the series!

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