Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break!!

Disney World!! I felt like a little girl once again as I walked through the gate to Disney World. I felt as if I was a princess late to a ball walking through the legendary castle in Magic Kingdom! (and of course Will was my gorgeous Prince Charming!) At night the fireworks were absolutely amazing!

However, as a teenager, I enjoyed Universal Studios more. There were name brand stores that contained a variety of clothing which made me extremely happy! In Disney World all the stores had nothing but Mickey Mouse inventory. I think i can do without Mickey Mouse for a little while. In Universal Studios, Will and I rode the amazing Hulk roller coaster, the exciting Dueling Dragons roller coaster, and Ripsaw Falls!

I also got to meet Wills older sister Charity! I was excited! I had heard so much about her and she sounded just like me! She gave Will and me their Express Passes! So then Will, Will's nephew Baily, and I went and rode a bunch of thrill rides!! I had a blast!

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